About Us

Financial freedom is about creating wealth with certainty, not luck.  Our intention is to maximize the money coming into your life and minimize the money going out for things that bring you no benefit.  We believe in accomplishing this by increasing your standard of living as well as increasing savings and the rate of return on those dollars.

This process is about identifying your personal goals and objectives to create your successful path to living a life of abundance and financial freedom. 

Michael L. Spicer, MAS

Mike and Nancy SpicerMichael is the creator of The Wealth Discovery and Maximization Process. His commitment to clients is to create maximum wealth using proven strategies. This is accomplished by earning the respect and trust of his clients, then developing realistic strategies through long term interaction. Michael finds that most people have only scratched the surface of unlocking their wealth potential.

Michael holds an Undergraduate Degree in Economics and Business from Towson State Universityand earned his Master’s Degree in Business from Johns Hopkins University. Additionally, he served on the faculty of Johns Hopkins University in the Master’s Business Program. Prior to joining the financial services industry he held various Financial and Operations Management positions in local businesses.

Nancy D. Spicer, MAS, CPA

Nancy has extensive corporate experience implementing best practices and driving operating results. She has spent much of her career in strategic planning and operations management of major corporations including Westinghouse, Pepsi-Cola and The Quaker Oats Company. She was director of Strategic Financial Solutions, LLC, her own financial consulting business.

Nancy is a graduate of Loyola College and earned her Master’s degree in Business from Johns Hopkins University. Continuing education includes The Wharton Business School.

Nancy is an active member of the professional community including affiliation with The Maryland Association of CPAs and American Institute of CPAs. Nancy has served as Treasurer for numerous organizations.